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A: This feeling comes from the fact that students are aware of and have experienced the controversy surrounding the symbol and has nothing to do with the symbol itself. In fact, the National Congress of American Indians uses a similar logo.


Q: Stereotyping and offensive imagery are more prevalent than they have ever been on campus. Is the Chief to blame?

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A: Quite the opposite, actually. Supporters of the Chief tradition strive to educate students and community members. However, without the support of the University, this role is more difficult to carry out. If anything, the retirement of the Chief allows others more of an opportunity to create their own representations which may perpetuate these issues. Q: Why keep pushing to have the Chief returned to the University?

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Additionally, the reinstatement of the Chief would undoubtedly revive dwindling athletic attendance, as well as boost alumni donations, fostering a better future for Illinois athletics and academics alike. A: We have always had a symbol, not a mascot, and that distinction carries with it a certain honor that has always reflected the dignity of Illinois.

No other symbol better mirrors the quality of unity that we share with Illini past and present than the Chief, and nothing else could fill the void left by over 80 years of tradition. Verizon Android Charger Microsoft Equation 3.

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