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Each type of file is grouped into its own 'stack' icon on the desktop, and you can use Apple's trackpads or touch-sensitive mice to 'scrub' through and preview the contents of each stack in order to quickly locate the file you're looking for.

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You can also organise stacks by date, or with colour-coded tags if you prefer, making it easier to locate recently-used files or files related to a specific project. The Stacks feature helps you clear up a cluttered desktop left by grouping files and stacking them neatly right. When browsing through files and folders with the Finder, a new Gallery View replaces the older Coverflow, providing a larger preview of the file's content, as well as details of its metadata. The editing and markup tools normally found in the standalone Preview app have also been incorporated into both the Gallery View and the Quick Look preview mode.

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This allows you to perform many simple editing tasks on the fly, such as annotating a document, cropping or rotating a photo, or signing a PDF, without having to open any other applications. Journalists around the world will soon be hitting Shift-Command-5 to activate the new Screenshot controls, which include options such as timers, visible cursors, and even simple audio and video recordings.

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And as soon as you create a screenshot, a large thumbnail preview appears in the lower-right corner of the screen, allowing you to activate the Quick Look preview mode, along with the new markup and editing tools. It's also possible to use the Mac's Continuity feature to take a photo or scan an image using your iPhone camera, and import it directly into Mac apps, such as Apple Mail, Pages or Keynote.

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Security is improved, with the Safari browser now able to prevent social media, such as Twitter or Facebook, from tracking you if you use content from those sites that's embedded on other websites. Safari can also remember if you use the same password on multiple websites or accounts, and suggest more secure alternatives. The convergence of the macOS and iOS platforms continues as well, with four popular iOS apps now appearing on the Mac for the first time.

The Stocks, News, and Voice Memos can all be useful for business users, but the arrival of the Home app on the Mac is perhaps the most significant for Apple's future, as this will be a key app for Apple if it hopes to challenge Amazon's Alexa in the emerging smart home market. More recent Mac models will also be able to use Siri voice commands to control the Home app, along with HomeKit-compatible devices such as smart lights, and Apple's own HomePod speaker.

Apple has been accused of neglecting the Mac in recent years, as it continues to focus on the all-conquering iPhone, and some of the more recent macOS updates have seemed rather underwhelming. However, Mojave has the feel of a well-thought out update that focuses its attention on the Mac's traditional strengths of simplicity and ease-of-use, while also bringing some of its newer mobile technologies onto the Mac for the first time. Graphic Design General graphic design issues.